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The Sainte-Chapelle, an architectural gem set within the Palais de la Cité, was founded by Saint Louis in the mid-13th century to house the relics of the Passion. Originally at the service of the monarchy, the building is composed of the lower chapel, used by the Palace staff, and the upper chapel, reserved to the King and his entourage, where the relics were kept. The stained glass windows, set in the Flamboyant Gothic architecture, are one of a kind.


Nos contenus sont adaptés au niveau des élèves. Les ateliers du patrimoine sont de 2h30. Les visites approfondies ou les visites miroir, visites discursives et interactives de 2h, autour d’un ou deux monuments.  
Plein tarif : 110€ / Education prioritaire : 61€ / Publics spécifiques : 45€

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