App: Unlock the secrets of the windows

10 July 2017 Digital

Download the “Sainte-Chapelle windows” app and unlock the secrets of the stained glass windows in the monument built by Saint Louis. 

New: the complete version is now available! 


Discover the app 

With the “Sainte-Chapelle Windows” app on your phone or tablet, you can zoom into the Sainte-Chapelle stained glass windows and find out their meanings.

You can explore every scene of the rose window free of charge, or for €0.99 you can look at all the windows. 


Unlock the secrets of the stained glass windows

With the “Sainte-Chapelle Windows” app, discover the Sainte-Chapelle in a new way during your visit. It helps you see the windows in clearer detail.This device complements the information tools already in place (audio-guides, information boards).
 It helps you understand the scenes in the 1,113 stained glass windows in the Sainte-Chapelle, mostly from the Old Testament, especially the ones that are 30 metres above your head. 

It also lets you explore in detail the rose window representing the Book of Revelation:  
 - Saint John hearing the voice of the first animal 
 - God on his throne holding the Book of the Seven Seals
 - Saint John and the Seven Churches of Asia at the feet of the Son of man


How does it work?

Download the “Sainte-Chapelle Windows” app from Googleplay or Appstore by clicking on the images below:

Bouton AppStore


- When the app starts up, after an explanation on how the software works, your phone's camera will light up and be displayed on the screen.
 - You use a little target to aim at the windows: when you point your camera towards a window, it will be displayed in close-up on your phone. The name of the window and a short description of the scene will appear.
 The app is capable of recognising windows from a distance and displaying them in detail on the screen. 
  Available in 6 languages (FR, IT, ES, DE, EN, CH). 


This app has been developed by F. Margot, with the support of the Centre des monuments nationaux.

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